Success Stories

Success Stories

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Black Horse Carriers Inc.

commercial vehicle cleaning service in Chicago


Black Horse Carriers Inc.

National service provider specializing in Food & Perishables Transportation.


Terminal in Illinois – Batavia or Carol Stream?

Kleen360’s service

Disinfection & Viral Remediation of 150 semi-tractor trailers per week.


Cabs and X no of high touch-points on each trailer.


  • To eliminate cross-contamination (which could happen very easily due to the nature of vehicle use, travel around the country, the number of drivers and the nature of the cargo).
  • To keep infection at bay.


Dedicated equipment, including electrostatic sprayers, for this particular kind of disinfection.


This customer is under an ongoing data-driven, value-added, proactive and customized F-SAP program.

How (Process)

  • A detailed study of the movement of the fleet and the arrival to and departure from the terminal for the150 trailers per week were forecast.
  • The disinfection service timelines were efficiently planned and scheduled to minimize downtime, taking into account that each trailer had to be disinfected at least once every week.
  • The decontamination of each trailer was done as follows:
    1) A pre-DVR diagnostic test was done on high touch-points.
    2) Meticulous light -duty cleaning and wipe- down of surfaces was carried out to remove dust and loose debris.
    3) Disinfection and viral remediation were carried out with Purbloc, the ultimate surface protectant which is
    pH Neutral
    completely free of any volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
    4) A post-DVR diagnostic test was conducted on the previously tested high-touch surfaces using the EnSURE Touch UltraSnap Surface ATP Test System.
  • Due to the need for recurring DVR services for this customer, a customized F-SAP program was arrived at which involved periodic testing and reapplication of disinfectant and surface protectant based on the test results.

Diagnostic statistics

Rolling average

  • Before DVR: 605 RLU.
  • After disinfection: 7 RLU.

Results & Benefits

  • Since Kleen360’s surface protectant Purboc leaves no residue, there has been a considerable reduction in downtime after DVR, directly leading to cost savings for the customer.
  • A customized value-added solution was provided and executed that essentially aligned with the customer’s business model and goals.
  • The F-SAP program made safety possible with an intelligent model of testing and reapplication of disinfectants based on the test.

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Click here to get a NO obligation Quote Today!