Thorough cleaning for
Commercial Vehicles

Thorough cleaning for Commercial Vehicles

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There are plenty of high- touch points on any kind of transport vehicles, be it commercial buses, vans, tractors, trailers, refrigerated vehicles which transport our food, rental cars or even school buses and private vehicles that need thorough and exhaustive cleaning to make them safe for travel.

Contact Kleen360 for your very own custom vehicle cleaning plan. We’ll make sure you get the most budget-friendly, comprehensive, and effective plan possible for your very specific safety needs!

The following frequent touchpoints will be fastidiously cleaned and disinfected by our well-trained crew:

Commercial vehicle cleaning service in Chicago

Rental Cars

  • Key/key fob
  • Steering wheel
  • Steering column
  • Seat belts
  • Center console
  • Door interiors
  • Door pockets
  • Interior door handles
  • Exterior door handles
  • Seat pockets/seat surfaces
  • Areas between seats & consoles
  • Areas between seats & doorjambs
  • Cupholders/compartments
  • Instrument panel
  • Accessory panel/touchscreen
  • Rearview mirror/side mirrors
  • Visors/visor mirrors
  • Dashboard/vents
  • Gear stick/gear shift
  • Trunk release
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Non-Emergency Vehicles like buses and vans

  • Key/key fob
  • Steering wheel and column
  • Rear-view and side mirrors
  • Seats-hard and fabric
  • Armrests and Headrests
  • Seat belt buckles
  • Light and air controls
  • Doors-inside and out including handles/bars
  • Windows
  • Grab handles
  • Control/Instrument panels
  • Tablets/touch screens
  • Floor of the vehicle
Food Truck Cleaning Service

Construction and earth-moving equipment

Kleen360’s expert cleaning crew will:

  • Wipe down the door handle and grab bars
  • Scrub and clean floor mats
  • Vacuum the interior of the cab
  • Clean the cab’s glass surfaces
  • Sanitize monitor or LCD screens
  • Clean the upholstered surfaces-cloth seat covers, headliners, carpets
  • Clean the entire seatbelt & buckling mechanism
  • Wipe down handles and latches in the battery box and engine access points
  • Clean HVAC and air ducts
Office Cleaning Services in Florida

Kleen360 will make sure that the following areas of the rental office will also be cleaned for your safety:

  • Counters
  • Desks
  • Computers
  • Check-in and return areas
  • Common areas
  • Washrooms

Click here to get a NO obligation Quote Today!

Click here to get a NO obligation Quote Today!