Education, Religious & Not For Profit

Education, Religious & Not For Profit

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Comprehensive testing and regular maintenance is the key to keeping highly frequented places such as Universities clean enough to ensure student safety following Kleen360’s non-toxic and residue-free protocols for disinfection and long-term remediation well suited for:

  • Labs with sensitive electronics
  • Expensive equipment
  • Different kinds of furniture and fixtures
  • Research facilities
  • Sports gear

can help you to do just that.


How can you reassure parents of young children who cannot stay away from touching anything and everything around, that your facility is actively fighting against harmful pathogens? With Kleen360’s F-SAP certification of course! With F-SAP you can:

  • Labs with sensitive electronics
  • Establish and maintain an active custodial maintenance program with us
  • Let us enact recommended monitoring and testing protocols for the facility
  • Help us ensure safety and continued efficacy against viruses or pathogens with rapid, on-site testing

Provide assurance to the parents and instill confidence that long-term remediation and antimicrobial practices are inplace, utilizing non-toxic, food-safe and residue-free methods.

Religious & Not For Profit

Cleanliness is next only to Godliness and we can keep your house of prayer and worship spotless and safe with Kleen360’s Disinfection and Viral Remediation procedures which:

Are economically and environmentally sustainable

Use disinfectants that do not harm any of the priceless and sacred fixtures and objects in the hallowed halls

Involve spraying a surface protectant, Purbloc® containing an antimicrobial agent that leaves behind a residue-free antimicrobial barrier for upto 90 days

Now, your congregation can take solace at the house of the Lord without having to worry about pesky pathogens!

Click here to get a NO obligation Quote Today!

Click here to get a NO obligation Quote Today!